Andy & Damon Sales LLC

Meet Brandi, our very friendly dog

She will be meeting you at the door so do not be alarmed or startled. She takes her job of door greeter very serious and is known to greet people with kisses.

Firearms sales- gunsmithing- Hydro-dipping- Cerakote paint finishing.

We have taken on a service in the Kalamazoo area that no other gunstore in the area offers at this time. A small self funded shop with low overhead, we custom finish firearms to make them one of a kind from many different hydro patterns to color schemes of your choosing on your firearm. We have a small inventory in our store so do not mind ordering firearms, to be honest we prefer it! We can offer you the lowest price possible that way. Friendly, down to earth guys that will not mislead our customers to make a sale. With $20.00 FFL transfer fees we are perfectly willing to make our money that way, online gun sales are hard to beat and we understand in these hard economic times saving a few dollars is very important. A call to us and a quick check and we are happy to give you a "Price to Beat" before you do online shopping.

We offer gunsmithing, cleaning, repairs, inspections and restorations for your firearms. We do not have a full blown machine shop but are capable of the smaller jobs such as making pins, ejectors and other hard to get parts for your aging firearm. We have made it possible for some customers to use firearms they have not used in many many years again.

We carry AR parts, pins, springs, lower parts kits, stocks, BCG's, Barrels, Hiders and both lower and upper receivers. Everything you need for a complete build or components ready to slap together and fire.

Stop in and check us out, hang out, talk guns or pick our brains for any firearms questions. We want to be YOUR gun guys, Give us a chance to earn your business.