Transfer Policy


We prefer to only receive firearms from other FFL's. This is to protect you as the buyer should there be an issue with the transaction such as the firearm is not what you ordered or damaged. Private party sales usually offer no return policy.

If the background check is denied we will assist in any way to help with a return if available, however we reserve the right to sell your firearm and keep any of the proceeds from that sale should a denial of the background check and no return policy be made by the seller. We do not wish to do this however we can not purchase the firearm from anyone not allowed to possess a firearm, can not allow a family member or friend to claim the firearm as we WILL NOT allow a straw purchase.

Please do not order a firearm online if you are disqualified from possessing a firearm.  FFL's will not risk going to prison for assisting in an illegal sale or transfer.

Finally we have a 60 day redemption policy. If your firearm is not claimed within a 60 day period from the date it arrives in our store, we will consider the firearm abandoned and place the firearm up for sale. Again keeping the entire proceeds from the sale.                                            

FFL Transfer Process: $ 20.00



    Other services

     we offer you

Andy & Damon Sales LLC

If you are purchasing a firearm online just follow these simple steps and let Andy & Damon Sales handle it for $20.00.

1) Once you have purchased your firearm from the site of your choice you will receive the sellers information.

2) Call us at 269-532-1452 or email us at

with the sellers info: a fax number, an email address, and if we are not on file with them we will send a copy of our FFL so they can ship your purchase.

Have your info: a purchase order #, Item # for the purchase, your name and phone number with a brief description of your purchase.

3) When your purchase arrives we will give you a call Tues- Sat.  are transfer pick up days. All paperwork and background checks will be done when you pick it up from our store.

4) Make Andy & Damon Sales LLC your new and only gun guys!